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Most recently ranked #32 of the Top 60 Best Motivational Speakers in the World, Delatorro L. McNeal, II, MS, CSP, has been transforming the lives of people from all walks of life for over 15 years.

As an internationally renowned Peak Performance Expert, Keynote Speaker and Best Selling Author, Delatorro has spoken in 49 of the 50 US states and abroad and has delivered well over 3000 paid presentations to major corporations, professional associations, conventions, pro-sports teams, churches, and leadership conferences. 

His list of clients includes Johnson & Johnson, New York Life, JP Morgan Chase, Prudential, Accenture and a host of others. Delatorro holds the prestigious CSP designation, which places him in the top 7% of paid professional speakers worldwide. This is the highest international recognition of professional speaking excellence. 
Delatorro McNeal II, MS, CSP
Peak Performance Expert
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Whether You Are A Beginning Speaker, Career Professional or Veteran Speaker There Is Something For You... 
New Speaker Edition
  •   7 Keys To New Speaker Success: Your quick jumpstart training. I will share what I would tell myself if I was just getting started as a speaker. This is a must have for any new speaker that wants to have success earlier and faster in the speaking industry.
  • 12 Keys To Becoming a Master Communicator: Your ability to master these 12 keys will propel you to higher levels of success, and will get you booked and rebooked. Learning these keys can shorten your development process and will move you from beginner to mastery quickly.
  • What is Success: This breakthrough training has been heard throughout the world and it teaches you that success is so much more than what is in your bank account or the car you drive. True and lasting success is so much greater. Find out the 12 simple answers to life's most complex questions. 
Career & Leadership Edition
  • 7 Keys to Cultivating a Spirit of Excellence: Corporations and orgainzations are in search of professionals that operate in excellence. In this audio training, you will learn key strategies to stand out in your industry. You can also use excellence principles to inspire your teams to produce at a higher levels.
  • 10 Qualities of an Extraordinary Leader: There are common characteristics of exceptional leaders, in this audio you will be able to recognize the qualities you possess, but you will also be alerted to any of the qualities you lack that may be hindering your leadership success. Pick up this training today!
  • Mastering the Communication Model: In effective communication and presentations, there are two sides the sender and the receiver. Delatorro shares the many challenges that exist in interpersoanl communication and how you can make sure that true communication occurs.
Professional Speaker Edition
  • 8 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Mentor Or Coach: A vital success principle is to find an individual that doing what you want to do and model them. However, in this audio, I share 8 very important questions you must ask before you hire a mentor and coach. Understanding these questions will help you avoid wasting time and can keep you from losing money.
  • Branding and Niching: As a professional speaker branding is vital to success in this industry. In this content that is pulled from some of my $15,000 high-level trainings, you will learn the keys to branding impactfully and how using your niche strategy attracts more booking and speaking opportunities.
  • Marketing and Positioning: The principles in this audio will help you as you go from FREE to FEE speaking gigs. If you are a professional speaker there are strategies and techniques that have allowed me to land on some of the most coveted stages in the speaking industry. This is a must have for any serious speaker. Grab your copy today!
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Toastmaster to Top Speaker

Get ready for The Delatorro Experience! In this rock star, roller-coaster experiential keynote presentation, Delatorro pulls back the curtain on his 20+ year climb in the professional speaking industry. He reveals how Toastmasters has served as a principle underpinning throughout his massive acceleration and ascension to become one of the top peak performance experts in the world today.

Distilling five peak performance strategies that served as mile markers along his journey, you will learn exactly what it takes to achieve any goal or aspiration with excellence and integrity. 

Delatorro will teach you how to:
  •  Apply relevant peak performance strategies to take your goals from idea to implementation
  •  Execute Delatorro’s 7-Part Formula for leveraging public speaking to achieve career goals 10 times faster
  •  Incorporate Delatorro’s 6 Components of a Killer Keynote, which will enable you to get paid and rebooked
  •  Implement interpersonal and intrinsic motivational psychology to persevere and persist regardless of obstacles and challenges
  •  Leverage experiential learning activities to rapidly connect with and mesmerize your audience
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